Various products we have engineered

Technologies we work with:

Injection Molding

Plastic parts are commonly made using molds. It’s fast and cheap for mass production. We have the knowledge and experience required to design parts for injection plastic molding.

CNC Machining | Laser Cutting

CNC parts are produced by machining a metal block. The process is automatized by using CAD files and CAM programs.

Laser cutting machines use CAD files to create the desired shape over a sheet.

3D Printing

Year after year 3D printing technologies continue rising in popularity and applications. 3D printers are everywhere and we can deliver your design in SLT format ready for printing.

We also work with partners who can print and ship the products to you.

Complex Products

Over the years we have worked with vehicles, machinery, tools, furniture, eyewear, and smart phone accessories.

From a single fixation part to multi-component or multi-material assemblies we take care of every detail to ensure manufacturability, performance, and correct assembly process.

Most popular Materials we work with:

Plastic, Metals, Rubber, Wood, Glass, Carbon fiber, Fiberglass.